šŸ©¹Item Restore Guidelines

Staff members will only be restoring player items based on the following guidelines.

āœ… Player items will be restored in the following instances:

ā–  Dying after teleporting to another player's shop. ā–  Accidentally dropping an item and it hasn't despawned yet. ā–  Dropping item in another player's hopper/machine. ā–  Breaking an item caused by mcMMO. ā–  Accidentally trashing or salvaging an item or losing it to a cactus. ā–  Dying in resource worlds after reset. ā–  Loaning out an item and the player it was loaned to gets banned or is inactive. ā–  Cannot access own item in another player's chest due to towny permissions of lack of player availability. ā–  Losing items due to griefing/stealing. ā–  Losing market stall with chest shops disappearing. ā–  Accidentally using an item in a cauldron potion or composter.

āŒ Player items will NOT be restored if the incident isn't categorized into the instances stated above. Here are some examples of instances where player items will no longer be restored: ā–  Dying to void/lava and losing all items. ā–  Breaking item due to regular use. ā–  Dropping item and it has despawned. ā–  Accidentally dismantling an item. ā–  Accidentally consumes an item by spam right-clicking (this includes but is not limited to tokens, orbs, tags, recipes, boosters, pinata parties, and more). ā–  Borrowing/loaning out a tool and having it break due to regular use. ā–  Selling/buying item when a player didn't mean to.

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