๐Ÿ‘พMob Arena

Mob Arena is a combat-based PvE experience that occurs once every 2 hours at the :30 mark (on even /servertime hours). The goal of mob arena is to work together to defeat waves of enemies while earning Azalea Crate Key Fragments, a currency exclusively obtained from killing mobs on the mob arena maps. There is a 2 minute period to join the arena using /ma join, after which the arena is locked on entry.

If a player dies during the arena, keep inventory is on and the player is returned to the mapโ€™s main spawn area. There are no penalties to joining and actively participating, so itโ€™s a great money making activity for both new and experienced players!

Getting Sparked

The first three players to deal 500 damage in the mob arena get โ€œSparkedโ€, a buff that provides 50% extra damage and a double Azalea Crate Key Fragment drop chance for all players within 10 blocks of the Sparked player. Should a player who is Sparked die, however, the next player to reach 500 damage will be Sparked.

Earning and Redeeming Fragments

To earn Azalea Crate Key Fragments, players must be within 16 blocks of where a mob is killed for a chance at a fragment. There is a 5% chance to receive a fragment (this chance is doubled to 10% if a player is Sparked). Once a player has gathered 16 Azalea Crate Key Fragments, they can be right-clicked to turn them into an Azalea Crate Key. These can be redeemed for rewards at /azaleacrate by clicking on the crate. Left-clicking the Azalea Crate shows the current pool of items and their probabilities which are occasionally cycled.

Mob Arena Maps

There are currently 3 maps in rotation: Onyxโ€™s Arena, Veilos Outpost, and Mimiri Gardens. Each map has its own unique sets of enemies to fight. There are 4 waves in total that must be defeated with each mob having a chance to drop Azalea Crate Key Fragments. A completed mob arena rewards an Azalea Crate Key to every player that has dealt at least 150 damage total.

There is a small chance (1/150) upon completion of every mob arena to receive a unique, Exalted-tiered item. The items are dependent upon the map that has been completed. List below are the rewards:

Onyx's Arena


Wishbane (Diamond Sword)

Voltrunner (Netherite Axe)

Veilos Outpost


False Arbalance (Netherite Sword)

Velocity Driver (Crossbow)

Mimiri Gardens


Trinity Edge (Trident)

Mimiri Surf Rod (Fishing Rod)

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