💵Earning in-game money

LilacMC features an economy plugin that allows players to earn and spend virtual currency on the server. This can be used to trade goods for cash, purchase in-game ranks, rent shops, create towns, and so forth. Many new players may find this style of economy confusing or stuck trying to find ways to make money on the server. This guide will answer some of the common questions players may have about LilacMC’s economy, as well as demonstrate features that are tied to it.

LilacMC offers a completely player-driven economy, meaning every transaction is kept between players and there is no real fixed value for each item or service. This allows players to control how valuable some items are compared to others and uses an intuitive and realistic system of supply and demand. There is no server shop or shop GUI, but there are many ways to put your goods on the market!


New players receive a bit of money to help them get settled and buy a few things on the server. Your total balance is displayed on the scoreboard on the right. You can view this value at any time using the /bal command, as well as view the entire server’s balance using /baltop.

The five most common ways to make money on the server are by joining a job, running player shops, using the auction house, voting for rewards, and participating in events. Almost anything you do on LilacMC can make you money.


Joining a job is by far the easiest way to make money on LilacMC! You can assign yourself to a profession and as you play on the server, actions relating to your job will make you money! For example, joining the Hunter job pays you for every hostile mob you kill, and the Mining job pays you to… well… mine. Common starting jobs include Farmer, Hunter, and Miner as these jobs are part of a lot of early-game activities. Of course, you aren’t limited to forever doing that one job, but you will be restricted to one job slot only until you progress to Commoner, which unlocks a second job slot. Ranking up further can unlock up to 4 job slots.

To join a job, begin by running /jobs for the full list of jobs available. You can left-click each item in the GUI to learn more about the specific job and right-click to join it. You may also manually use job commands with /jobs help. Once you begin your job, you can start doing specific tasks for money, as well as grind your profession. The longer you work in a job, the more you will be paid to work. Each time your job is paying you a tooltip will appear on top of your hunger bar, providing information about your pay and experience gain. A colored bar will also show up on the top, which visualizes your job’s progression. McMMO is not tied to the economy, but many job actions will also give experience to skills.

To leave a job and select a different one, use the /jobs leave command followed by the job name (e.g. /jobs leave Miner). There is no EXP penalty on leaving a job however be aware that once a job has been left, it cannot be rejoined again for 48 hours. To view the progress on a job cooldown, use the /jobs archive command and hover over the indicator to the left of each job. A "-" symbol means the job is still on cooldown and will provide the time remaining, while the "+" symbol means that the job is ready to be rejoined again. If you have never joined a particular job before, it will not appear in your archive list.


LilacMC’s ranks reward players with perks for playing on the server and this is achieved by participating in the economy. Essentially, you can use the money you have earned to purchase ranks in-game to get things like more homes, the ability to start towns, more job slots, etc. You also gain access to cosmetics such as the /nick command, which changes your display name on the server, as well as the tag for your rank in chat, with the /tags command. Higher ranks also offer utility commands like /ec, /craft, /back, /pv, and many others. You can view LilacMC’s rank progression using the /ranks command. The green blocks are what ranks you have previously earned, the yellow block is the next rank, and the red blocks are locked until you get the rank in the yellow block.


By far, the best way to sell your things is to visit player shops. Lots of markets can be found on LilacMC’s marketplace, which can be accessed with /market. Here, players can rent spaces to set up shops, and other players can visit these shops and buy and sell their items. If you are looking to make your own shop, it will be covered in a separate guide. However, you might be more interested in just selling your job-related things. Take a look around the marketplace and look for a chest with a sign that has the item you are looking to sell. Here, you can simply left-click on the sign and a message will pop up asking how many you want to sell, as well as other information about the shop. Then, enter in chat the number of items you are selling, or “all” to sell everything.


The Auction House is an alternative option for selling items and offers a more immediate system of buying and selling. There is no cost to use it, and every player has access to list and purchase items. You can view the Auction House by running /ah, which will bring up a GUI showing existing listings. To buy an item, simply left-click on the item and confirm your purchase. To sell an item you must hold the item in your hand and type /ah sell, followed by the price of the item and how many items to sell. Every listing expires after a few days, and you can recover unsold items from the Expired Items tab.


Of course! LilacMC encourages players to vote for the server as it ups our ranking in server lists and helps the server grow. You can support the server by voting using the /vote command and going to the voting links, or by visiting the voting page. All you need to vote is your username. Once you vote, you will be given a Tulip key you can use at /crates for rewards. Simply right-click the corresponding crate to receive your reward. Rewards include money, tags, divine cores and other valuable items.

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