🐟Fishing Contests


LilacMC features hourly fishing contests and a special fish stew contest. They occur once every hour during weekdays, once every other hour during the weekend, or whenever a player activates a fish stew. The hourly fishing contests last for 10 minutes during weekdays and 15 minutes during weekends.


As soon as the contest starts, you can use a fishing rod in any body of water to partake, with lure enchant rods being favored, as they give more fish. There’s a Largest Fish Contest and a Most Fish Contest. Rewards include Tulip crate keys and money payout.

To see who is in the leaderboard, you can use the /fs command. And you can sell your fish using the /sf command.


There are common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary and mythic tiers of fish. Common being the least valuable, and mythic being the most valuable. It is entirely random what tier of fish you get with any given cast.

The fish stew when activated starts a server-wide special contest and is found in all crates, at varying rates and acts as a smaller, shorter fishing contest, lasting 5 minutes. The rewards are higher with the top 3 places getting Magnolia keys (first place) instead and more Tulip keys for consecutive places.


Some fishes use custom heads for their model and could make for cool decorative pieces, they may also have custom lore, and some hidden items. There are lots of fish to discover, and a lot of Easter eggs.

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