💰Chest Shops

Chestshops are one of the main aspects of Lilac's economy, allowing you to buy and sell items within the community. To be able to create your own chestshops, you first need to /rankup to the Merchant in-game rank. Once you've done that, creating the chestshop itself is an easy process you can accomplish via one of the following two options:

  1. Using the command: /qs create [price]

  • You need to be holding the item you wish to buy/sell in your hand and looking directly at the container* you want to turn into a chestshop.

  1. Crouching and left-clicking (punching) the container while holding the item in your hand. This option requires you to then type the price in chat.

Both options will create a sign in front of the container with the following information:

  • your username

  • the chestshop mode (the two chestshop modes being buying and selling) along with the quantity

  • the item name or type

  • the price

By default, both options will create a selling mode chestshop, meaning that other players can buy the item you put inside in exchange for in-game currency.

You can change the mode, the item type and the price at any time after the chestshop is created without breaking it and repeating the process. All you need to do is right-click an existing chestshop which will pull up the following menu in chat:

Alternatively, you can also use the following commands while looking directly at the chestshop:

  • To change the mode: /qs buy or /qs sell

  • To change the item type: /qs item (while holding the new item)

  • To change the price: /qs price [price]

  • To remove the chestshop: /qs remove

The remaining feature within that menu is "Staff amount". The chestshop staff feature allows you to provide other players with access to change the mode, price and item of the specific chestshop**. You can either click the menu option in chat or use the /qs staff add [player] command directly. This feature works well for multiple players working together and sharing resources. Make sure the person you have added to the staff list of your chestshop is someone you trust. Keep in mind that people you have added as staff members cannot remove/delete the chestshop or receive money for the items bought/sold.

Once your chestshop is created, other players will be able to find it via /lb [item] (for buying mode chestshops) or /ls [item] (for selling mode chestshops; you will need at least one item in the container for it to show up).

*Containers you can use to create chestshops include chests, shulker boxes and barrels.

**Note that you need to grant chestshop staff members additional access if you want them to be able to put in or take out items from the container. You can do that via /cmodify [player] (for specific containers) or /trust [player] (for all containers).

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