💀Entity Limit


Written by: Serithify

In order to prevent unnecessary lag on the server there are some items / entities that have a limit on how many can be placed within 1 chunk.

Distance: a mob within X distance of another mob is counted towards one group.


Villager: 50 per group (distance of 3) Animals: 25 per group (distance of 25) - 3 Axolotls per group Monsters: 10 per group (distance of 3) Minecart Hoppers: 8 per group (distance of 25) Note: It is suggested to add at least 8 blocks to the distance between each group so that they wouldn't overlap.


Hoppers: 20 per chunk Redstone: 60 per chunk Tiles (chests, frames, etc.): 256 per chunk Spawners: 8 per chunk

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